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Through and through, and

Way out

Out on the grid
I was hoping my friend hadn’t
Flipped his lid, with the
Crank and corruption
I’d flipped mine once, we
Won’t go there, though it’s never far
Enough of a thing to forget
All panned out in the fare
But the rising of fear
From the friends back home
Make me realize, sadly
No more mine to own, it’s
Home here now, from every angle
Streetview Google has it’s eyes nearby
Still hidden from the publisher
Of Big Brother’s Eye
Soon a toxic cartel gets a grid near you
Realized by the occupants
This is a disease of sleaze that’s seeping
Through and through
An escape of postponement
Running hither and fro, we are agog
Some see Magog, some drink grog
In shadows of a dank hunk of cement
A person wanders wonders wanting
Understanding in the dark
Standing in the dark
Through and through
Z. 5-18-2012